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The Power of Your First Job

Do you remember your first job? I mean really remember. Was it terrible? Did you love it? What did you find there? Why did you get that first job? What was your first boss like? People often groan when I tell them about my retail leadership experience. Ugh. Teenagers. That must be awful. So much drama.

I have never felt this way about my young staff. Sure there are challenges, especially when it is their first job. I see it as an amazing opportunity to introduce them into the work force. I am helping to shape their world view. Some of these kids come to me with not a lot of skills. I have had to teach a sixteen year old how to use a broom. Such a basic life skill in my teenage world. A lot of these first time job teens have not had much exposure to the world outside of their family or school where it can be easy to slide into the background and be ignored.

Our young staff is de