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Life Coaching is a Stupid!

Why in the world would I hire a coach? Life Coaching is tossed around as a silly idea in a lot of conversations. Everyone seems to be trying to be a life coach these days. What a ridiculous thing to do. At the same time we all complain that high school doesn't teach you how to be an adult. All of us are out here just trying to do our best. I was one of those people that laughed at the idea of having someone coach me on how to live my life.

Until I hired my own coach to help me through my career when I began to feel stuck. I had been in management in retail for 15 years. I had reached the top of my field and I was bored. Unless I was willing to pick up and move my family I was trapped in a role that I could do in my sleep. As a mom and a manager, I have a pretty solid skill set in teaching everyone else how to handle things. What do you do when you feel trapped?

I knew that my team was beginning to suffer because of my lack of enthusiasm for my job. So I hired a Career Coach to help me understand why I was feeling so miserable in a job that by all appearances seemed great. I needed a new challenge. She helped me to identify the aspects of my job that brought me joy and were fulfilling my purpose. I am someone who needs to feel like I am moving forward. I love to learn new things and challenge myself regularly. My job wasn't able to provide that for me anymore.

Always a lover of reading and learning, I began taking some online classes and earned my credentials for Career and Executive Coaching. My own coach was a huge resource of information and taught me valuable skills to grow myself in my current position and how to expand into a new arena. She was my cheerleader and a place I could discuss the hard things with. It isn't always easy to talk to your boss about this stuff. Their goal is to keep you happy and productive in your current role.

Hiring my coach was one of the smartest things I could have done for myself. Having her in my corner to expand my ideas on what my career could be was a priceless relationship. A good coach asks questions. She will help you uncover your untapped skill set. She is someone that has your back and will be able to help you stay focused and on track. She will hold you accountable to those goals you keep setting and neglecting.

Hiring a Coach changed my life.

-Adrienne Taylor