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Find Your Courage

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

"Integrity is choosing Courage over Comfort" -Brené Brown

The audacity to assume anyone wants to hear my story. I never thought I would find the courage to share it. The fact is I don't know how this will go. My journey has been like yours. Difficult. Terrifying. Exhausting. Traumatic. Glorious. Beautiful. All of the adjectives. We probably have a lot more in common than I might think. A little struggle creates character, or so they say. I grew up poor. I am the oldest of my five siblings. The oldest daughter. A significant factor. A heavy burden for a young girl.

My dad taught us to work. Hard. As an entrepreneur and hustler my dad needed us to help sustain our livelihood. This work ethic served me well in the workplace. At every job I was promoted quickly. Just as quickly I understo