Did Curiosity Really Kill The Cat?

Curiosity. Did it kill the cat? We have all heard this. We warn our children that they might for some reason die if they are curious. Nice job mom and dad. I get it. Kids ask so many questions that make you want to put your head through a wall. I fell into this trap as a new mom years ago. It is such a catchy way to get the point across. Why do so many people hate cats? I have never understood. Off topic. Anyway. I was recently years old when I discovered the whole phrase that was originally recorded in 1905 as "Curiosity killed the cat; but satisfaction brought it back".

What an entirely different meaning! Humans are curious creatures. It is in our DNA. Fear drives us to stop being curious. Fear of humiliation. Fear of being wrong. Fear of the unknown. I am an introverted learning person, so most of my questions lived only in my heart. And my journal. My family belonged to a very strict religion that demanded utmost obedience and absolutely zero tolerance for questions. It was ingrained in me to bite my tongue and let my imagination try and figure out the answers. Like my cat, my favorite past time was to sit in my window and stare out longingly for a way out to discover the unknown.

When we limit ourselves to only our own solutions and ideas, we become stuck in our own bubble. There are so many other lenses to see the world through. There is a world full of beautiful humans just like you that are struggling and afraid to ask for the answers. I was one of them for a long time. The only way I have found to find satisfaction is to ask the question. Sometimes I don't like the answer. You know what I do then. Ask again. Ask why five times to get the answer. Then you will get to the heart of what you're looking for.

So did curiosity kill the cat? Or did she find the meaning in her life that she has been longing for?

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